Scholarship & Financial Aid


New international students are automatically assessed for eligibility for a TIC International Scholarship for Excellence when they submit their application for admission through the Office of International Education.

Eligibility: International applicants to, and currently enrolled international students at Toronto International College.
Selection criteria: candidates must have been registered in a one-year (two-semester) academic program at the Toronto International College and must have achieved 85% or higher in their GPA in their previous studies.

Value: CAD$4000 for full scholarship: CAD$2000 or CAD$1000 for partial scholarships per annum.

Duration: Payable only to cover the tuition fees for the ESL (English as a Second Language) courses or EAP (English for Academic Purposes) or any foundation courses required by the College prior to the commencement of the university preparation courses.

Under circumstances when a student has fulfilled the English proficiency requirement of the College, the scholarship recipient may apply the total value to offset the cost of the regular academic courses or programs.

Number per year: Scholarships at TIC are limited and the number of scholarships offered is dependant upon available funding.

Offers: Some students may be made a scholarship offer at the same time as they receive their offer of a course place/seat, but the majority of scholarship offers will be made in October/November/December, February/March/April, June/July/August to coincide with the start of the College’s three main semesters.

Retention: Maintain a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 85% or above on a 100 percent scale or 4.0 on a five-point scale or 8.5 or above on a ten-point scale.

NO APPLICATION NECESSARY. All international students will be assessed and those who meet selection criteria will be made an offer.

Other details:
a. In any one year, not all departments may make offers of these scholarships, or may restrict them to certain courses.
b. All scholarship offers are conditional upon enrolment in an approved course/program of the College.

Eligibility criteria for the TIC International Scholarship for Excellence
International students who have outstanding academic results in their previous secondary or post-secondary studies may be eligible for a TIC International Scholarship for Excellence.
Some applicants may receive a scholarship offer with their offer of a course place/seat from the Office of International Education of the Toronto International College.