Services & Resources

The facilities and resources available at Toronto International College include everything needed to undertake and complete the study program successfully. Light and spacious classrooms with individual desks, computer labs with free Internet access, refreshment rooms are available to every student to maintain comfortable learning environment.

Accommodation / Housing Service

Finding somewhere to live is always a top priority for new students. Our Student Service Coordinators will help you arrange accommodation/housing before or after your arrival in Toronto. They can help arrange home-stay arrangements, private accommodation and temporary living arrangements.

University Application

Staff at TIC will gladly assist you in applying to Canadian universities. Your faculty advisor will provide you counselling regarding career choices and course selection, while our Student Service Coordinators can help you complete application forms and prepare your application package.

Student Visa / Authorization Application Support Services

You should apply for your Temporary Resident Visa and Study Permit at the appropriate Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in your country. The processing time will vary and it is best to apply as soon as possible.

Extra-Curricular Activities

TIC regularly arranges activities and excursions within Toronto and in surrounding areas that provide the students with further opportunities to participate in Canadian society and learn about Canadian culture.


A comprehensive orientation program is provided for all new students prior to the commencement of each semester. Click button to find more about Orientation and Campus life at TIC.

Campus Life at TIC

Accommodation / Housing Service

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Homestay provides students with the opportunity to live with a Canadian family and is recommended for students who wish to experience Canadian culture and way of life. Canadian host families come from many different cultures. Your host family may be from China, India, Hong Kong, Europe, or any other part of the world. This is an excellent way to improve your language skills while seeing how Canadian families live. All families are located within commuting distance of the College. Homestay includes breakfast and dinner daily.


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Private House/Apartment Rentals

Many Canadian college and university students find rental accommodation that they share with a number of “room-mates” or “house-mates”. It is quite common for students to share a house or apartment unit. A wide range of rental units are available and the costs of these units will vary greatly depending on size, location, and access to the public transportation system. This type of accommodation is generally unfurnished so there will be additional set-up costs such as the purchase of furniture and utility connection charges.

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Family in Toronto

Some students with family connections in Toronto will be able to live with their relatives. This is an excellent way to ease into your new life in Canada.

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Temporary Accommodation

Many temporary accommodation options are available if you are unsure of what type of accommodation you will require, or if your long-term accommodation is not ready when you arrive in Toronto. This type of accommodation will usually be some type of budget hotel or hostel which will include a furnished room and shared facilities. This option will not include meals.

Student Visa / Authorization Application Support Services

You should apply for your Temporary Resident Visa and Study Permit at the appropriate Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in your country. The processing time will vary and it is best to apply as soon as possible. The main requirements for the Temporary Resident Visa and Study Permit are:

  • Completed Form: Application for a Study Permit
  • Proof of Acceptance (This is the original Letter of Acceptance issued by Toronto International College)
  • Proof of Identity (A valid passport and two additional passport-sized photos)
  • Proof of Financial Support (You must be able to prove that you will be able to support yourself financially while you are in Canada)
  • A medical evaluation as required by regulations for certain countries
  • Exact details regarding Temporary Resident Visas and Study Permits can be obtained from the nearest Canadian diplomatic mission.

After your documentation has been approved by the Canadian Embassy you are ready to plan your move to Canada. The student services coordinators at TIC are able to help you with this transition and will be pleased to assist with any details of your move.

When you enter Canada you must:
  • Satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your studies
  • Have been accepted by Toronto International College
  • Prove that you have enough money during your stay in Canada to pay for tuition fees, living expenses for yourself and accompanying family members, and return transportation for yourself and accompanying family members.
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Good afternoon Toronto International College extended family,
Schools in Ontario will remain closed until at least early May as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
Premier Doug Ford and Education Minister Stephen Lecce made the announcement at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.
“Effective immediately, we have extended the order to close publicly funded schools until at least May 1st for teachers and May 4th for students. We’ve also extended the closure of private schools and child-care centres for another two weeks,” Ford said.
The closures for private schools and daycares were extended by only two weeks as that order comes under the provincial state of emergency declaration, which is effective in two-week increments. Toronto International College will follow suit with the public system while continuing to offer normal scheduling of live classes online.
Thank you for following enforced, social distancing and public health intervention measures to return to our normal routines as soon as possible. Take care of each other and have a healthy, productive week!
[Message from the Dean – Toronto International College]

Kris Kranics B.S., B.Ed., M.Ed., O.C.T.

Dean, Toronto International College